In this digital age, photographs of us and our loved ones are available to us at the click of a button.  Wedding photographers, family photographers and all the other ‘ographers are SO lucky to have the ability to showcase our work, and your memories, in password protected galleries, slideshows, USB drives, CDs you name it…you can pretty much have it.

This is a wonderful thing, it means we can share images from our lives with the people that are special to us wherever they are, from chilly ice caps to waayyyyyyyyyy down under.  Cool huh?!  But one thing you just can’t beat, is HOLDING (yes you heard me right!!!) HOLDING your images, in your hands.

Picture if you will; The door knocks, it is your postman/woman ”Hello postie!” you declare,  ”No bills or letters advising me of local happenings, no tax bills or DVLA notices?”, ”Not today Mrs Brand New Bride/Mr Brand New Groom/Unspecified Gender Recently Married recipient, not today!” you reach out your hands and take the excitingly weighty package, bid your postman/woman adieu and race to a flat surface (it is a flat surface because this is a VERY IMPORTANT delivery) once you have wrestled with the outer wrappings (this is a very lovingly packaged item don’t you know?) you touch….WHAT IS THIS????….A BOX??!!!  ”WHAT IS INSIDE THE BOX??” YOU CRY?


You lift the lid from the box, you remove the contents from their protective cloth casing, a waft of leather hits you in the face (this doesn’t apply if you’ve gone for linen OBVS but still, stay with me here) and on your lap lies a beautiful reminder of one of your most special days, your images of you and your loved one, your friends and family, the sun or rain or wind or snow of the day all comes flooding back to you like hearing your favourite song for the first time in ages.  You flick through, fast at first as you are just desperate to re-live the day IN REAL LIFE PICTURES!!  Then you look again, slower this time, taking in the sights and sounds and memories that just don’t translate as well when you are looking at them on the screen.

You are holding your day in your hands, you can go back and look at it when ever you like, no distractions, no notifications popping up, just you and whomever you are sharing the moment with, sounds nice doesn’t it.

This is the beauty of the album and it is a truly wondrous thing!  If you are thinking of having an album, I now offer some pretty bloody nice ones, so drop me a line and I can tell you more about the process!