From Martha Stewart to Hobbycraft, wedding table dressing ideas are certainly abundant!

I wanted to share a few of my favourites from weddings past, it may even give you an idea for YOUR weddings!

The ‘documentary wedding photographer’ handle doesn’t tend to lend itself to taking billions of still/staged shots, but I do appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the planning and execution of venue and table decorating not to mention the cost, so I always set time aside to shoot this aspect of your wedding day.

For some couples, dressing their wedding breakfast tables is up there on the V.I.P list, whereas some have different priorities, and that’s cool too!!

Whether dressing your tables is super important to you or you just feel fairly ‘meh’ about it, I have compiled a little list (with pictures!!) of different types of tables dressing ideas for EVERYONE!!!

When approaching your wedding decorations there are a few things to consider;


PRICE – dun dun DDDUUUNNNNN, yes, no-one likes talking about it but it is a necessary evil.  Once you have worked out your budgeting areas; ceremony, venues, catering, dress, shoes, flowers rings, wedding photography…the list IS endless I know soz….you will ultimately find yourself trying to work out if a. You want table dressing at all b. If you have budget left for it (if it wasn’t one of the first things on your list) c. How much it bloody costs.



THEME – I see you running for cover, I know, I hate that word too…it’s up there with MOIST but THEME is relevant, are you having a summer wedding?  A winter wedding? Do you love Harry Potter?  Do you want to share with your friends and family your mutual love of hippos?  To make dressing your table a bit easier, first decide on your…URGH…theme.



MATERIALS – So you have decided on your theme, what materials do you need to procure to make this vision become a reality?  Can you use local plants and flowers or will you have to employ the services of a florist?  If you are going for a bookish feel, like one of my lovely brides did, scour charity shops for old books and scrabble pieces, Hobbycraft is a veritable treasure trove for D.I.Y couples, you can find all sorts of amazingness in there!!  If you are going for a vintage feel charity shops come up trumps again for vintage style glassware, candelabra, any sort of unusual decoration really.



TIME OF YEAR – If you are getting married in early spring, certain natural resources such as catkins, hyacinth, crocus or bluebells will be abundant, both in florists and, if you are happy to put the leg work in, English woodland areas, the probability of you having to add extra lighting to your tables at this time of year is fairly low, whereas…just to wang us in completely the opposite direction…if you are having an autumn or winter wedding, whilst pine cones and contortia make for beautiful eye catching centre pieces, you will PROBABLY have to look at extra lighting for that lovely warm wintry ambience, so i’s worth bearing in mind if you are having candles or artificial lighting, and how this will affect your budget.



VENUE RESTRICTIONS – As a wedding photographer and not a planner, I have not experienced any restrictions in relation to table dressing, that does not mean that they don’t exist, if you are getting married in a listed building and want specific dressings for your table, it may be an idea to check if they have any restrictions on certain materials.


FAVOURS – With great table dressing comes great responsibility (that is a joke, I made that up) the idea of favours is still loved by some, but thought outdated by others, as with everything wedding planning related there really is no right or wrong here.  If you want to give your guests a nice little treat to play with/eat/drink/throw at each other have a think how this can be done cost effectively OR what I have found a lot of couples have been doing; donate to a charity close to your heart, often you will be given a token of thanks for each contribution, this can then be placed at the table setting of your guests and is quite a nice touch.


PLACE NAMES – A long time ago one of my friends got married and I hand-wrote out all of the place names, it didn’t take me very long, looked quite nice and saved a fair bit on printing, SO that is worth bearing in mind, it could be something you can do or a friend can do, or you can just get them printed OR, you could do what one of my brides did and collect stones from the beach and write the names on there.


There are so many possibilities to dressing your tables, from the understated to the grandiose, have fun!  Go nuts!!  Wedding Table Dressing YYEAAAHHH BOOIIIIIII