Let’s hear it for the GUESTS!

You have invited these people to your special day, you invited them for a reason, you love them, they are your wedding guests!

You want them to be part of your day.  In some cases, guests have travelled THOUSANDS of miles to witness you both declare your love for each other.  So, hey man…. lets hear it for the GUESTS, the sensible, the wacky, the quiet, the loud, the AMAZING dressers, the fun story tellers, the ones who make you cry (you GITS!) the ones who make you guffaw, the ones who make you think, the ones who bring the pudding, the ones who sing you into your first dance, YOUR people.

As a wedding photographer I feel, actually, very special to be a part of THIS area of your wedding, being involved in your wedding vision and wedding ideas, capturing your wedding guests read *FRIENDS, near and far celebrate YOUR day with EACH OTHER, Uni mate Brian from California…meet Aunty Beryl from Torquay…whaddaya know…they are both macramé experts and have started a Facebook group….because of YOU TWO!!!