Having been a wedding photographer for some time now, one part of the wedding photography that you CANNOT ignore, is….you guessed it!!  THE WEDDING DRESS.  Through the ages, wedding trend (particularly surrounding THAT dress) have rocketed from demure and sensible to downright sparkly and fabulous.

I have been lucky enough to witness a plethora of wedding dress styles over the past few years, and I wanted to share a few of my ABSOLUTE favourites.  Whilst I, myself tend to err on the side of being an ‘un-traditional’ wedding photographer in the style of my work, I do LOVE a traditional dress, a wacky dress, a long dress or a short one! Slinky satin, tremulous tulle, sparkling sequins, flowing folds or even ravishing raw materials, today’s bride has a mind blowing choice of dresses to suit HER in all her womanly wondrousness.

Josa chose to sparkle from collar to toe in her show stopping gown, Abi was elegant in Amanda Wyatt, Sinead’s diaphanous number came all the way from Anna Campbell‘s boutique in Australia!!

Our equestrian bride was almost Demelza-like in her jaw-dropping creation by Faith Barber, one of my winter brides, Hanna, went balls out with a structured feast for the eyes by designer Judy Mott and Kirsty simply wowed not only her husband, but also the promenade goers at the seaside, in her utterly astonishing Enzoani piece.

Claire opted for classic, drop-waisted dress which came from the fiercely talented Minna Hepburn.  And last but most definitely not least, Bex and Victoria, who were resplendent in their satin designs, Bex dress was designed and created by the bridal house of Lusan Mandongus, Victoria practically glided through the entire day in her Delphine Manivet.

So, as you can see, even with just a small selection of the images I have shared, today’s bride is utterly spoiled for choice, be bold, or subtle!  Be demure, or daring!  But most of all, be yourself, choose, as these total babes did, a dress that perfectly demonstrates your personality and style.

I am so grateful that I get to photograph these queens, you are all amazingly stunning and I do a big massive love on you.