When Vicky & Ben told me they were getting married at Trinity Buoy Wharf, I got excited.  I have seen many a blog on Trinity Buoy Wharf Weddings and gazed at the beautiful images wishing I could have a chance to photograph a wedding there.  I am not going to lie, I was just thinking BOOK ME BOOK ME BOOK ME!!  They did, hence the blog, anyhoo, I digress, where was I?  Oh yes…BOOK ME BOOK ME BOOK ME!!  It wasn’t until our actual meeting that I became aware of just how special this wedding was going to be and also how I was about to shoot my very first ever Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding (if it comes up again I will just use TBWW for ease or I will start to sound like a simpleton) expectations, blown out of the water, quite literally.

YES, Vicky and Ben were indeed getting married AT Trinity Buoy Wharf…but not in the usual way.  Oh NO, dear reader, they were getting married ON it…AFLOAT…on THEIR lightship.

I have taken an age to write this blog, mainly because I wasn’t sure WHAT to write about it because it was so bloody marvo, I have finally pulled my finger out of my butthole and done it.

If you are unaware of what a Lightship or Lightvessel is, don’t feel silly, because I didn’t either, if you do then well done and you can skip this bit.  A Lightship or Lightvessel is explained in layman’s terms here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightvessels_in_the_United_Kingdom  Vicky and Ben OWN Lightship95 and have put much of their own actual blood sweat and tears into it.  Lightship95 serves as a recording studio, how amazingly cool is that???  And this is where they had their wedding….I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!

The ship has no engine and as such the wedding preparations took a smidge longer than normal as their venue had to be pulled into the middle of the Thames by tug boats, can you tell I am quite overcome by this TBWW?! It also meant that in order to get to their wedding, I had to clamber onto a little dingy which I got incredibly excited about, it really doesn’t take much to get me going does it!!!

Ben was still neck deep in grease at this point and as I recall, Vicky hadn’t even begun getting ready, they were so at ease in this, their familiar setting, it was incredibly calming.  As the guests arrived (NOT on a dingy I hasten to add, they arrived on a boat called…ready?… THE PREDATOR which induced much chortling from me)  Vicky, Ben and friends had put SO much time, love and effort into decorating the ship, it really was a sight to behold.  They had a humanist ceremony and did something that stirred some real emotion in me, everyone was invited to be silent whilst their friend played a piece of music for them and their guests.  It made everyone take a few minutes to savour this time, it was absolutely beautiful.

We had time for a few photos, we went right to the very top of the tower, I felt so honoured and lucky to be able to shoot in such a setting.  Then it was back down for their Turkish mezze, speeches and dancing.  The light was delicious as their evening guests arrived, the sun twinkled on the water and it was utterly magical.

I have to thank Vicky and Ben for allowing me to be their wedding photographer on this ever so special day.  I felt so massively privileged, this is one wedding that will stay with me forever.