Welcome to Josa & Tom’s Syon Park Wedding!  Syon Park was definitely on my wish list as far as wedding photography venues go. Oh how I had longed to be booked for a wedding here!! Finally the day came!!  Josa and Tom booked with me last year and I was over the moon!  They were just so wonderfully relaxed about the whole thing, I  can’t stress how much I enjoyed working with them on their wedding day.

Getting ready for a Syon Park Wedding

I started off with Josa at her parents house in Chiswick.  After getting everything I needed there.  I then made my way to St Columbus’s church in Kensington.  I was SO wowed by this as a wedding ceremony venue.  However, the policy on wedding photography IS rather strict here.  I DO respect this always and as such, hung well back during the ceremony.  This left the couple were unfettered whilst they were married.

After a wacky races rally down the A4 to try and beat the coachloads of guests, we arrived.  We JUST made it in time for the receiving line, being a wedding photographer can be tough on the nerves!

Josa & Tom had their group shots in the beautiful Syon House courtyard.  All of the guests were served champagne flowed and canapés, they all seemed to be having a very lovely time.  I did manage to squirrel Josa and Tom away from their guests for a very swift set of couples portraits in the long gallery.  And I am so pleased I did, we were spoilt for choice with not only the beautiful Syon House setting itself, but also the light.  After the group shots (which, as a considerate wedding photographer, I try and keep short and sweet and perfectly well executed!!)  We headed over to the Syon Park Great Conservatory.  Once the group  shots are over, everyone tends to get very hungry!  The caterers were Tapenade cuisine and were waiting with a glass of champagne for our newlyweds.

I stayed until a fair bit after the first dance so I could have a play around with some creative wedding photography with the amazing glass building, then left the wedding party dancing the night away, what a day, I went home one happy and content photographer!