If I could bottle the hotness of this couple and sell it I would truly be a BILLIONAIRE, before venturing to our engagement shoot at Southsea Promenade, we took a walk through the rose gardens and had a saunter down a dodgy alley, Kirsty & Mike were effortlessly cool, know why? ¬†Because they actually don’t really care, they don’t care what anyone else thinks, they don’t care about having a bit of a public snog, they don’t care about people seeing them farting about, they just love each other, are hot for each other, are marrying each other and I get to be their wedding photographer how awesome is that??!!

This is one of the many weddings I really am excited to be shooting this year, you were both fabulous and, if I am to go on this engagement photography session it will be A-MAAAAYYZZINNNGGG.