A truly stunning creative wedding at Christmas, this Salisbury Arts Centre wedding was the brain child of Katie & Darren. Music is really important to Katie & Darren.  They are both musicians and Darren actually proposed whilst they were at a gig!

Katie & Darren don’t like to fit in a ‘mood’ preferring to do things slightly differently.  So it was clear their wedding would be no exception.

The thoughtfulness behind a Salisbury Arts Centre Wedding

Although the starting blocks for this wedding were rooted in all the things Katie and Darren love.  They love nothing more than their friends and family and as such, wanted the day to reflect and include them!

All of Katie and Darren’s decisions surrounding their Salisbury Arts Centre wedding came from a guest focused place.  They wanted them to feel included and a real part of the day.  well they definitely did that!!  Even down to the date they got married.  They worked out that most people would be off work and the venue was also chosen with their guests in mind.  Close to most of their homes with affordable accommodation close by.

Along with this, they had a little help from their friends when it came to looking for vendors.  So it was a super personal day from start to finish and from every aspect.  Katie even sourced her dress from the prom dress section at Morilee, everything was planned so well and worked amazingly.

Party time!

At their Salisbury arts centre wedding they had a two hundred and fifty guests.  With 11 bridesmaids and three best men! Another way they kept people happy and costs down, was to have a late afternoon ceremony.  After the beautiful church service, food was served at Salisbury arts centre.

Instead of silver service, they chose to have street-food served in a buffet manner.  I can tell you first hand it was DELISH!  Katie and Darren kicked off the reception with a few songs from their very own band.  There was a round of excellent speeches and even a guest appearance from Fred Dinenage!

Live bands were scheduled across the whole night, with lots of activities to keep everyone entertained.  They achieved all they wanted and more, everyone was happy, full and totally partied out!!