I just LOVED the fact I was the appointed wedding photographer for the Hill Place wedding of Tosh and Bex, it really is a breath-taking venue, although I am a primarily a London wedding photographer, I LOVE to travel, anywhere and everywhere, if my couples so wish, its actually a perk of the job.  I have definitely seen many more wonderful sights doing this job than I would sat at a desk! And this wedding was no exception, every detail had been thoughtfully and carefully executed, the sun was shining the birds were singing and the pineapple was glittering…..yes you heard PINEAPPLE…GLITTERING!!

This was a wedding of two amazingly creative and wonderful people whose personalities and amazingness was loudly echoed by their guests, I don’t think I have ever been surrounded by such a beautiful creative bunch of people! Bex herself created all of the centre piece art (Tosh helped!) their friend Charli was the make up artist for the day, Charli’s brother DJ’d, their friend Ross performed with his band Princeless and even the BRIDE AND GROOM AND BRIDESMAID got on the decks!! In short the day was a total and utter blast, with guests that had travelled from all over the world to share in their special day, I would shoot this over and over and over again!!!!