Kate and Dan’s Happenstance Wedding was a banger of a day, going on the content of the speeches, today was more than just a celebration and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Kate and her maids were preparing at the beautiful Grange Hotel, just a stones throw from St Paul’s Cathedral and their reception venue, you may think that being a London based wedding photographer, I might tire of the city, au contraire, I really do love it, it feels and seems different to me every time I am there and I am so grateful to have this wonderful city right on my doorstep.

Kate’s father came to meet her to accompany her on the drive to Camden Town Hall, where her Dan was eagerly waiting to see his bride to be.  As I arrived (ahead of the bridal party OBVS) I was struck by how amazingly stylish all of the guests were and I knew, just by looking at them that this was going to be one heck of a party!

Once married, Kate and Dan joined their guests on the Routemaster bus that was waiting outside the Town Hall and we had a little jaunt across town to St Paul’s where we were to have the group shots.  Now let me tell you, group shots?  On the steps of St Paul’s?  On a Saturday?  Good luck with that my friend!  But I do like a challenge and, thanks to some careful herding of friendly tourists, we got our shots and I am so mega thankful to everyone that gave way to us for the short amount of time that we needed, it was like a cattle market!

Time for a few couples portraits on the steps then off to Drake and Morgan’s Happenstance Bar.  Here we were all looked after so well by Willy, he was an absolutely diamond and NOTHING was too much for him, NOTHING.

Kate and Dan had the most wonderful idea to liven up their wedding breakfast (which was YUMMY by the way, thank you for feeding me!), which I want to steal because it is so awesome.  The guests were provided with pens and paper and were to write poems (funny, thoughtful, rude, outrageous, you name it!) to be put into a bowl up by the top table, these poems were to be read out at intervals during courses and it was a RIOT, so so so funny, some were orated by the scribes themselves, some by nominated readers.  I cannot stress how marvellous this was.

The room was turned around, evening guests arrived and the party gloves were off!  Kate and Dan danced the night away surrounded by smiles, laughter, love….and a good deal of disco lights!!