Josa Tom were married at Syon Park BUT before they did that, they wished to take me up on the engagement photography part of my package, not everyone goes for this (I shall be doing a blog to sway you SWAY YOU I SAY over the coming days) and t’s not something I force upon you!  But everyone that does, and I mean EVERYONE, agrees it is such a valuable AND enjoyable part of the wedding photography process.

You see, I, as your wedding photographer, would like more than anyone (well maybe not your spouse to be but I’d say I come a close second, ha!) for you to be relaxed, comfortable and feel un-hassled-worried-fettered……un-ANYTHING really on your wedding day.

The engagement photography session helps massively with that, honest, hand on heart!

It is not every day you get a small person with a camera chasing you round asking you to laugh at inanimate objects (I don’t really do this….well OK maybe once or twice I have), the engagement shoot helps with this, it helps us work together as a team, so, ON your wedding day I CAN be as unobtrusive as possible and ensure I grasp your true essence, without being annoying.

Anyway, I digress, Josa and Tom chose St Dustan’s in the East for their engagement photography session prior to their quintessentially London wedding, I like to think of myself as a fairly knowledgeable London-goer but there is still a LOT to discover and I had never clapped eyes on this part of the city, what a gem, such beautiful architecture, by Christopher Wren I believe, but don’t quote me on that!  And so peaceful.

A perfect london engagement photography setting, Josa and Tom were just utterly brilliant, and we worked so well together, we are, all three of us, really happy with the images and it’s so lovely to have something a little bit different to look back on in years to come.