Here are a few images from Luisa & John’s Battersea Arts Centre wedding, and what a wedding it was!  I met Luisa at the hotel and was spoiled rotten with the beautiful light and surroundings, everything had fallen into place as if by magic for this glorious couple’s day, right down to the shoes!!  Like me Luisa has teeny tiny feet and, as I have found so often, securing the last pair of size 3’s can be a tricky task indeed, the buyers at Bertie moved hell and high water to find her a pair her size…which turned up JUST in time, Luisa’s one of a kind dress was from Ebay and customised with her Granny’s buttons. John cut a fine figure in his navy blue 3 piece and brown brogues; they made QUITE the dapper couple.  It was a moment to treasure seeing the pure love in John’s eyes as Luisa walked up the steps and I got totally and utterly caught up in the wonderfulness of it all.

Battersea Arts Centre was one of the most interesting venues I have shot in to date, little pockets of light everywhere, such a grand staircase perfect for this intimate wedding, but, it was MOST fitting as John and Luisa are both actors so it was meant to be that this was the venue at which they had their wedding. A joyous occasion if ever I saw one, thank you so much for having me guys it was an honour!!