When considering your photos, whether it be for your wedding, your family, your business, or….. yourSELF, it is important to consider WHY you are having your photographs taken.

A long time ago, when I was a child, like OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO!!!!  One would organise photo-shoots, it would be a big event and involve much organising and faffing about, awkward poses and crazy outfit choices.

NOW, in this day and age, photographs are easily accessible, everything is on Facebook and EVERYONE has a camera, JEEZ, I go to weddings, to work, and sometimes, GUESTS have better equipment than ME!!!! (disclaimer….this doesn’t mean they can take a good photo so don’t be fooled….look at Auntie Beryl with the Hanimex…she’ll be the one with the corkers)

This got me thinking, why do we want photos, why do we want photos of our wedding?  Why do we want photos of our children? Why do we want photos of us looking awesome?


Because, dear reader, you want to sit, as I have this very evening as I have written this, and look over YOUR history.  I posted some images in the lead up to this post, on my Instagram, to drive my point home.

My Dad is dead, he was a bit of a tit (I am a mum and myself a bit of a tit….let us all embrace our inner tit and declare ourselves utter useless tits), not a great dad, but, being a child I thought he was the BEST EVER, when he died, I was given a box of his things, his ‘things’ didn’t equate to much.

What I was bequeathed, however, amongst a few other trifles, was a box FULL of photos, one of which I posted in said Instagram feed, a passport photo he had taken.  A non important, run of the mill photograph.  He wouldn’t have thought anything of it whilst sitting there waiting for the flash to go off.  But, when I look at it, it makes me feel something, don’t ask me what because I can’t tell you, I am sure there is a word in the Indescribable Word Dictionary for it but for now I can’t give you a word, all I know is, it invokes a feeling in me.


This image is important.

The second image is a picture of me and my mum, I dislike my mum, she let me down as a parent and this has resulted in some tough times for me (again, please refer to ’tit’ disclaimer above), yet, I can still look upon this image, this Olan Mills staged (probably very expensive!!) image with fondness as it reminds me of a time when I was loved and when I felt love, it also reminds me of the time I wanted my hair to look like the model’s in the book at the hairdressers and they did it and I hated it….and I shut myself in the cupboard at the back of the salon……and screamed….a lot…for ages.


This image is important.

The third image is a picture of me in the garden of the house I grew up in, I can remember this day, I was dancing around whilst my mum gardened, singing ‘Venus’ by Bananarama post running into a table and cutting my face open (again please refer to instagram for visual proof!!).  Just by looking at this photo I can conjure up the memory of that actual day, I can also remember the day I had to go to hospital because I’d mashed my own face up, the Tiny Tears doll I was given to …….. OH MY GOD BE QUIET!!!!…. the needle in my face and the unholy GLORY I received at school for having METAL STITCHES sticking out of my face for a whole week….(I can also remember them being taken out eewwwwww)

This image is important.

SO, why are you telling me all this guff?  I do not care, I am looking for someone to take pictures of my wedding/family/business….



What YOU are looking for is a person who understands the importance of The Photograph.

You are looking for someone who will travel with you through your day to take a brief snapshot of those memories that are soon forgotten.

That’s why it is important to get it right.

Yeah great, stand on an iceberg, awesome, good one, but, if like me, you are a NORMAL PERSON (and don’t have an iceberg to hand) you are going to want a NORMAL PERSON to be with you to make these memories.

‘’What was your wedding day like Jane?’’

‘’Oh, well, I think it was OK, I can’t remember really, we were off having pictures taken for ages, so, er, dunno’’

‘’How did the commercial shoot go Brian?  Did you capture the essence of the brand?  Did you encapsulate the spirit of the company?’’

‘’Er….dunno, the photographer just made us stand around doing things we don’t normally do in a normal working day so….er…yessssnnoooo??’’

See where I am going with this?

I am not a spray and pray advocate.  I will not spend the entire time I am working for you continuously clicking and sorting it out when I get home.

I take the time, I want to see what YOU want to see, I want to envisage what YOU have in mind, your needs are important to me, if your needs are to stand stock still like a couple of stuffed pigeons, then best we don’t work together, but, if your needs are to have someone create memories of your day, family, business, event, that you can look back on and say ….’’OH!!!! THIS MAKES ME FEEL….’’

This makes me FEEL.


Then book me.

It’s as simple as that.  I want to translate feelings and memories for you to look back on.

That’s my job.

No weekly newsletters, no round robin christmas cards, no arse licking, no schmoozing…well…I may schmooze you a LITTLE because I’m good at it and I want you to feel nice…but seriously…NO messing about.

Just memories.


What are you waiting for? I am here!!


London Wedding Photographer

Sarah Morris Photography