I first met Lauren & Jon at the wedding of Lizzie & Kev (post to follow!) so I knew instantly we would get on, everyone in attendance at that day was truly lovely..


And very luckily for me, I can hand on heart say the same for not only Lauren & Jon themselves, but also their superb guests.  With the wedding and the reception both taking place within the Brewhouse & Kitchen,  the wedding photography itself could not have been made easier for me as everyone was nicely contained and never far from view!!

I was with Lauren for her bridal preparations at the Doubletree Hotel in the very heart of Nottingham, I wrote a blog recently on bridal preparation, it really is a great way to get to meet quite a few of the key members of the wedding party, once Lauren was in her dress, I went downstairs to meet with a very nervous Jon, we got a cab together to the venue, it was absolute mayhem as it just happened to be the day a televised triathlon was taking place along the river, the River Trent….where our couple’s wedding was…SCARE BLEU!!  I feel it pertinent to mention at this point that ALL, yes…ALL of the flora can be attributed to Lauren herself, BRAVO!!!

The triathlon certainly didn’t affect proceedings, in fact, it added to them as the riverside was alive with jolliness!

Once Lauren & Jon were married, we took a few bubble confetti shots and let everyone have a bit of a relax, we chose to photograph the coupe alone a little later when the sun went down (and the triathletes had buggered off HA!) it’s not every day a bride and groom can say that they were interviewed on live TV by Ore Oduba….this couple CAN!!

After a few canapés and a bit more champers, it was upstairs to the expertly turned around wedding breakfast room for speeches, the day didn’t let up there, it was Lauren’s Aunties 25th wedding anniversary!  So that was celebrated also, which I thought was very, very nice!

For their wedding day celebrations, Lauren and Jon had their very own brew which was pulled by the new Mrs Bennett, I loved this day, honestly SO MUCH STUFF AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOT TO THE CASINO YET OH EM GEE!!!!!  Groups and couples shots were then taken down by the, now serene and peaceful, River Trent, before we all legged it upstairs for the casino.

There was so much packed into this day of love and fun and Lauren & Jon executed it (and decorated it!) PERFECTLY.  What a great day!