On a freezing cold evening in Brighton, tucked away in a teeny tiny pub and several pints of craft ale ahead of them, I met Paul and Hanna, please don’t be alarmed, I don’t always drink pints before a wedding meeting (neither am I a hideous hipster I just like an ale or two…or ten) but then, this wasn’t a typical pre wedding set up, it was a rather serendipitous turn of events.  The meeting was inevitable as we were all due to head out into Brighton, BUT, it was the first time I had met beautiful Hanna and, upon congratulating her on their recent engagement it turned out…guess what….NO PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

Fruity beer led sales pitch initiated…..before I knew it, I had a wedding to shoot the coming July in beautiful, rural Lincolnshire and I am ever glad we all met up that night, this wedding was a belter.

There is so much to say about Hanna & Paul’s day I actually don’t know where to start.  The wedding was split into 2 parts, part the first; the legal bit at the Lincolnshire Registry office, part the second; a beautiful ceremony at Hanna’s father’s home, conveniently facing a MASSIVE WHEAT FIELD. They had a marquee set up to the rear of the house and a ceremony area in the courtyard.

I arrived fairly early which meant I could get some shots of everyone setting up, normally it’s caterers, florists, band, cake makers, you get the idea, but THIS wedding was different; Hanna’s auntie had been working for 2 days solid on the flowers, I found her in the garage (where, I found out later, she had been for 2 days!!) like a little floral elf beavering away, Hanna and Paul’s friends were; setting up the stage and sound system, scrubbing bird poo off the courtyard floor, putting up the table plan, it was a hive of activity and everyone was getting heavily stuck in and busying themselves for their dear friend’s wedding, they were like a well-oiled machine.  The level of involvement from friends and family warmed my cockles, everything even down to Hanna’s engagement ring (made By their close friend Yolanda) had received the personal touch and then some.  I am sure I have missed many of the wonderful things that everyone helped contribute towards but let it be known everyone mucked in and were so communicative, friendly and generally fabulous.

Hanna wore an Amanda Wakeley dress to the first part of the day which was gorgeous and the most amazing towering heels, it was a small and emotional ceremony, it felt very private to me and as such I have only included a few shots in this post because it felt so personal.  Then we headed back to the house for ring showing off, champagne quaffing and OUTFIT CHANGES!!!  Hanna changed into her second dress of the day and looked like some kind of ethereal being, I think it’s fair to say she blew Paul’s socks off as she walked up the aisle (I can’t think of another way to write that without it sounding so loaded with innuendo so….soz!).  Their friend Lauren had prepared some words and ‘married’ them in front of their seated friends and family, it was a very special moment, I deffo saw some tears.

After the confetti had been thrown and the champers re-filled, we went out to do the couples portraits, I fell in a ditch because I am quite clearly a most graceful beast…and we went back to the marquee.  By this point things were in full swing and after food everyone was gearing up for the speeches.  THE SPEECHES, POOR Paul, after a touching and special speech from Hanna’s father, it was Paul’s time to shine, or rather BURN.  He was absolutely roasted in the most amazingly funny way, you’d have to work pretty hard to top these speeches from the Master Trolls, one of whom was Paul’s own MUM, amazing.  I think Will AND Vanya have definitely missed their callings as Professional Groom Roaster Extraordinaire.

First dance involved everyone up on the dance floor WITH Hanna & Paul and the evening became a whole new glorious beast.

Thank you so much Hanna & Paul for having me shoot your wedding, I really bloody enjoyed it, you are such a wonderful couple may you have many many years of joyous mutual sock blowing.