A big part of being a documentary wedding photographer is knowing what to shoot and when, to tell the story of your day, but when it comes to the question of; Are your getting ready photos worth it?  There are, it seems, two camps.  The YES absolutely of course why wouldn’t you shoot that and the NO absolutely not, no-one ever really seems to fall in between!!

Lets breakdown what ‘GETTING READY PHOTOS’ actually are, yes they are pictures of you getting ready (as a documentary wedding photographer, I do aim to document as much as possible of your day INCLUDING the getting ready!!) but for me it is so much more than that, it is  time for me to meet a few of your bridal party and get them into the swing of being photographed, it is also time for all of us to have almost a bit of bonding, if that makes sense?  That said…I would never EVER push you into having getting ready photos you understand, if you are a super private person and would rather not then I totally respect that and want you to feel comfortable on your wedding day.

Getting ready photos or bridal prep/groom prep/both (!) are a great way to tell your story from start to finish, it’s a nice way to remember the buzz of excitement before you tied the knot, the nerves, the back and forth phone calls sorting those last vital bits, the arrival of the flowers, the bloom of hairspray, the exchanging of gifts and tying of ties.  This time just before your wedding can also be an emotional time, it is almost like the calm before the storm and it can be such a treasure to look back on.

How do getting ready photos work?  Well first off, there is absolutely no need for me to be with you from the moment you wake up, whilst it is lovely to have wedding photographs of you and your bridal party getting ready, no-one wants pictures of them wth sleep in their eyes!  I generally suggest no more than 1.5 hours before you set off for the ceremony, it is quite astounding what you can cover in that seemingly small time frame.  Being a documentary wedding photographer, I do just tend to follow what is happening on the day and am led by you, I am not there to try and take the most unflattering photographs, I am there to capture the feeling and the spirit of the moment, so please don’t worry about me getting your bad side or getting pictures of your billy ball bags…it just won’t happen.

I have had the question from a few couples about if they can swap hours around, i.e. can they NOT have getting ready photos AT ALL and have an extra hour of coverage on the dance-floor, my pricing structures really aren’t THAT restrictive as you can see here BUT yes, if you really aren’t keen to have those getting ready shots then I am more than happy to do a little swap-eroo for you.

On average you can expect to receive around 50 photos from this section of the day, it is also a great opportunity for me to shoot anything special you may have planned, such as a hired car or maybe a relative that is not able to attend the day itself, also….PETS!!  I know some wedding venues are very relaxed about this, but more often than not, pets aren’t generally invited to the wedding, SEE!!  So many things can happen when you are getting ready!  I have popped a few examples below that I really enjoyed shooting.


Absolutely one BILLION percent!!