I first met Emily when I was but a simple I.T telemarketer, she was studying at Uni, such a fun, vivacious and adventurous being, it was impossible not to love her instantly!!  We stayed in touch after we both got different jobs in different places as the years went by thanks to good old Facebook, so when she asked if I would be her wedding photographer for her beautiful sunny sunflower wedding in Bournemouth…..she didn’t have to ask twice!!

Emily & Matt are true soul mates, you can see by the way they look at each other, it’s like no one else is in the room, just dreamy!!  Not ones for any kind of overt fuss, the most important part of the day, for them, was their guests, as such they chose a handful of dearly loved people to share their wedding day with them at their own Bournemouth pad.  Emily has always had a penchant for the sunflower, which I think echoes hers and Matt’s personalities perfectly; bright, sunny, beautiful and fun!!

The house was fit to burst with these blooms thanks to the talented Jennifer of Jennifer Poynter Flowers, the marquee was absolutely resplendent with a bright sunshine hue.  It also just so happened to be one of the hottest days of the year, which made for some NUCLEAR sunshine POW!!!

Emily got ready at their Dorset home and, with much fanning, talc and magicool spray managed to put on her glorious Caroline Castigliano number with not a bead of perspiration in sight, nice one Em!!

Emily and Matt were married at Bournemouth Town Hall in a moving and very special ceremony then back to the house for some housekeeping rules read out by Emily’s dad, plentiful bubbles and then a very efficient and AMAZINGLY TASTY sit down meal (I had some, it was YUM).  The speeches were brilliant, I always find out so much about the bride and groom at this point (things you just would have no way of learning otherwise!), how they met and how they came to this point, VERY funny, I shan’t divulge but it did result in some very red faces!!

Once everyone was suitably fed, the Cocktails ensued.  For their garden wedding, Emily & Matt had employed the talents of a mobile cocktail bar, probably the first time since I began my path in the wedding photography field that I have EVER heard the mother of the bride ask for ‘a Screaming Orgasm please’ MEGA LOLZZZZZ.

The cake was cut and the dancing began, with an acoustic set performed by one of their friends in the marquee AND a raucous disco in the house, they had thought of everything, it was just brilliant.

Em & Matt may you have every future happiness, you absolutely deserve it, and thank you for having me be there for a day I am sure you will remember forever!!!