When putting these blog posts together, indeed simply sharing anything I have shot, it is really hard to know WHAT to share.  Everyone has specific parts of their wedding day that mean a lot to them, and they aren’t all the same parts!!  With that in mind, it’s difficult to share content that not only resonates with my potential clientele, but also is in keeping with my own style AND shows the parts of the wedding that are most important to the couple in question.

This is the Dorchester wedding of Jo & Jackson.  An absolutely delightful couple who’s day was so full of love, laughter and smiles aplenty!  But what was MOST important in THIS particular joining of families, was faith.  Jo comes from a large family that have strong and solid roots within the church, her brothers and sisters led the celebratory songs, their nearest and dearest put forth bidding prayers, Jo & Jackson’s guests had travelled far and wide to see them declare their love for each other in the sight of God.

Whatever you believe, whatever your stance on creation, evolution, faith, religion, one thing you cannot argue with, when it is right in front of your eyes, is LOVE, it is faith and love I focus on most when sharing THIS wedding.  It wasn’t important to Jo & Jackson to have a billion couples portraits (although they got quite a few because that sunset was INCREDIBLE) what was important, to them, was to capture the day in it’s faithful and joyous entirety.

They were Married in the most beautiful Church in the centre of Dorchester, then onto a village hall bedecked in comic-book paraphernalia (the hall not the couple)  which reflected their fun-loving side, having friends and family that had travelled a VERY, VERY long way for this day, the speeches were not only funny and emotional, but also ensured all of these guests were acknowledged for their commitment to the couple and their eagerness to share in their day.

I have chosen a selection of images which I feel best reflect Jo & Jackson’s day and the parts that THEY felt were so important.