Ditte and Andrew were introduced to me by my gorgeous and most wonderful friend, Lena.  We met whilst I was still studying photography at college, I would work on a thursday night taking pictures for a Burlesque night held in Kingston where she performed a number of times, it’s so lovely when things come full circle!!

From the moment I met Ditte & Andrew, I knew we would be a great fit, they explained their wedding plans to me whilst we shot their engagement photos at Oxford’s Earth Trust – where they were to be married, it was to be a fusion of cultures and I was so excited to be a part of it.

They had their Earth Trust wedding in the Fison Barn and got married under an ACTUAL TREE….with tweeting birds, lowing cows and baa-ing sheep, it was a very special moment.  After their ceremony we took a quick ten minute recess to shoot some couples shots but, really, this day was all about their guests and loved ones, some of whom had travelled a VERY long way and the focus was very much on them and the part they had to play in Ditte & Andrews marriage to one another.

For me, personally, the best part of this day was the speeches.  Ditte’s family are Danish and I witnessed some very energetic singing, table hopping and kissing on chairs (and sometimes the floor!) during the speeches and the meal.  After the evening guests had arrived, we had time for a few more couples shots in the gorgeous setting sun before everyone moved onto the dancing, also very exuberant and, in part, hilarious!!

Thank you Ditte and Andrew for allowing me to be a part of your brilliant day, here are some of my favourite shots!