About Me

Being a wedding photographer and not a psychic I am unsure if you (my prospective clients) have ever tried to write an ‘About Me’ page, be it for wedding photography or, for that matter, anything else! Maybe you have (if so, let us nod sagely together at the complexity of doing what, at first glance, seems so simple). I must say, it is an area I approach with much trepidation, ‘why?’ you may ask…because it boils down to this:
I can tell you whatever I, or you, wish ‘About Me’ but, ultimately, if we are a good fit for each other, for your wedding day, only YOU can decide.  I can tell you these things about ME

I am Sarah

I am a London wedding photographer.
I am short (but I always have a step ladder on me).
I love cats, I have one, he is my world, I like to gaze at him whilst I drink fine red wine and have a nibble on some stinky cheese.
I am not quite 30 but not quite 40.
I love wedding photography, so much so, in fact, that I made it my job.
I can drive, I like driving.

I have been doing this for 8 years now, and every time it comes to updating my site using visuals to show how my work is progressing and changes to my pricing structures, the thing I struggle most with is the ‘About Me’ section.  It feels mildly self serving, give it a go yourselves this evening, you know, for the LOLZ!

What I CAN tell you is this;

I have done a little private research, using a few willing friends and past clients, to gauge how THEY receive ‘About Me’ pages in relevance to the work shown, you know what?  The clamouring, irrefutable response was ‘it didn’t affect our view of the work shown, if we liked the images we liked the images, regardless of what was written on the About Me page’….good to know eh?

So, you know a little more about me now than before you started reading (if, indeed, you have got this far!) but it’s YOUR wedding day and it is about YOU, YOUR loved ones, YOUR friends and family.

Here are the things you need to know ‘About Me’

  • Can I provide you with well composed, well thought out, fun, happy, emotional, beautiful, high quality images as a record of your day?

YES, I can.

  • Will I be on hand in the lead up to your day, to answer any questions you have pertaining to your wedding photography and/or any other area of your day you feel I may be equipped to help with?

YES, I will.

  • Will I provide support regarding the work I have carried out for you AFTER your day is done?

YES, I will.

  • Will I be your new best friend?

NO, probably not, I am here to provide a caring, good quality, supportive service, you have a best friend already.

I hope you both can fall deeply in like with me, as that is important if we are going to be working closely together on such an important project as your marriage, but I won’t expect a round robin Christmas card, so don’t panic!

If, having read this, and having seen my work, you would like to talk to me further about your wedding and the possibility of working together, you can use the contact form to tell me more about YOU and we can have a good old chat about your plans.